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Informational Sources

“The Woman Who Gave the Macintosh a Smile” — by Alexandra Lange at The New Yorker

“Susan Kare - Designing the GUI of the Apple Macintosh (and much more)” — by Christoph at

“Interview with Susan Kare” — by Pang on Stanford's web archive

“Susan Kare, Iconic Designer” — by Eric S. Hintz on the Smithsonian's website

“Susan Kare, Iconographer (EG8)” — Vimeo recording from May 2014 EG conference

“Susan Kare | 2018 AIGA Medalist” — Youtube video from AIGAdesign

Image Sources

Compacta Bold Letraset transfers — by harleypeddie on flickr

BCVS Graphic arts; a man adjusting the settings on a photo typositor — from BCIT Archives & Special Collections

Sampler by Elizabeth Laidman, 1760 — by Nick Michael on Wikimedia

MacpaintWP — by Ronhjones on Wikimedia

Microsoft Wallpaper — from carlaum1 replying to Windows 3.0 beta on Beta Archive

Original Mac fonts — by David Remahl on Wikimedia

Susan Kare, Apple's “Macintosh Artist,” relaxes at her desk in 1984 — by Norman Seeff

Promotional Images — from Niantic Labs

Color Gamuts — from List of software palettes on Wikipedia

Cairo Throw — from the PAMM Shop